Mandoline Hybride launches its new Gaspesian project: Salon58 – tiny cultural space, imagined by Benoit Paradis and Priscilla Guy.

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Focusing on artistic experimentation, multidisciplinarity and proximity to the public, Salon58 promotes meetings on a human scale. Under the artistic direction of Benoit Paradis and Priscilla Guy, the project has three components:

  • Accommodations: residencies, professional meetings, retreats;
  • Public presentations: living room concerts, screenings, exhibitions;
  • Special events: vernissages, launches, conferences, etc.

Ideal for a privileged meeting with the public, Salon58 can accommodate about fifty people for the discovery of small-scale artistic projects. Located a few minutes from Route 132 in the municipality of Marsoui, Salon58 can accommodate between 5 and 10 people in accommodation (according to their needs for comfort and privacy). The space has several bedrooms, a large living room with a piano, an open kitchen-dining room, a boudoir and a large workshop.


Saturday April 25 at 7:00 PM
Kijâtai-Alexandra Veillette-Cheezo | Cinema | Montreal
Frédéric Boivin | Theater | Matane

Saturday May 23 at 7:00 PM
Fontaine Leriche | Visual arts | Trois-Rivières
Sarcloret | Music | Montreuil (France)

Saturday September 12 at 7:00 PM
Leif Tande | Illustration | Quebec
Poulin | Music | Montreal

Saturday October 3 at 7:00 PM
Jenny Cartwright | Documentary | Montreal
Alexandra “Spicey” Landé | Hip-hop dance | Montreal

Saturday October 24 at 7:00 PM
Philémon Cimon | Music | Saint-Joseph-de-la-Rive
Andréane Frenette-Vallières | Poetry | Montreal


Kijâtai-Alexandra Veillette-Cheezo | Cinema | Montréal

Born from a Quebecoise, non-Indigenous mother and an Indigenous father from the Anishnabe nation, Kijâtai-Alexandra is currently in the process of cultural reappropriation and works to sensitize various audiences to Indigenous realities by being an ambassador for the awareness workshops of Wapikoni Mobile, Mikana, and the Puamun Meshkenu organization of Doctor Stanley Vollant. She has also directed two short films with Wapikoni Mobile and is currently developing a documentary project on urban Indigenous realities with the support of the NFB. She also participated in the 18th session of the United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues in New York, was part of the group of indigenous/ non-indigenous youth who opened the historic climate march in Montreal on September 27, 2019, and participated in the COP-25 in Madrid. Recently, she participated in the project “Kiciweok : lexique de 13 mots autochtones qui donnent un sens” by Emilie Monnet which was presented at the Centre du Théâtre d’Aujourd’hui in Montreal. (Photo : Ulivia Uviluk)

Frédéric Boivin | Theatre | Matane

For almost twenty-five years Frédéric Boivin has collaborated as a director, performer, actor, dancer or author on various projects in of theatre, contemporary dance, events, slam and audiovisual performance. In 2008, he moved to Matane and founded the multidisciplinary creative company Théâtre des Grands Vents (TGV), of which he has since assumed artistic direction. He is a member of the Fracture collective, a transdisciplinary creation laboratory. He is the father of two boys. (Photo : Mathieu Gosselin)

Fontaine Leriche | Visual arts | Trois-Rivières

Fontaine Leriche works mainly in engraving, drawing, photography and video. The versatility of her approach manifests through her digital method, which guides all of her creations. Her works are trials of playful spontaneity. Fontaine Leriche completed her BA in Plastic Arts in 2001 at the University of Quebec in Trois-Rivières. Born in Labrador, rolled in Témiscouata, molded in Trois-Rivières-Ouest between a parking lot, a swimming pool and an undergrowth. Nourished by repertory films and a video camera acquired on a birthday; blinded by the cathode-ray screen from where she isolates the images to extract the juice. As a member of the Atelier Presse Papier since 2003, she has coordinated a number of ephemeral public art projects. She has published a short graphic novel at Éditions d´Art le Sabord – Les Lalancette – with text by Monique Juteau. She has more than forty exhibitions in Quebec and abroad. Recipient of prizes and grants, she is happy in life as elsewhere.

Sarcloret | Music | Montreuil (France)

Sarclo(ret) is not consensual. Sarcloret disturbs, puts daily life under a magnifying glass and serves it on a tray to make us laugh, cry, disgust us, and wake us up. He swings dramatic songs interspersed with funny spiels. Sarcloret has received several awards throughout his career, including the Prix Brassens in 1990, the Prix Miroir de la Chanson Francophone in 1999 and the Grand Prix of the Festival de l’Humour de Saint-Gervais in 2000. In recent years, he has been running his acclaimed show Sarclo Sings Dylan (in French) everywhere in Europe, in a trio formula with singer Albert Chinet (his son) and the double bassist François Pierron. Renaud described him as “The most beautiful Swiss invention after the holes in the Swiss cheese”. (Photo : Alexandra Brunet)

Leif Tande | Illustration | Québec

Originally from Tømmervåg, located in the highlands of Norway’s mountain ranges, Leif Tande was a part of one of the first waves of Scandinavian migrants to arrive in Canada in the mid-1970s. His parents settled in Loretteville, a rural village in the suburbs of Quebec City. Quickly, the young Leif distinguished himself with his almost supernatural gifts as a ping pong player. In 2010, just before going to represent Canada at the World Championship of Ping Pong in La Paz, he gave up everything to become a comic book artist. Since then, he has not made a living with his art and he sometimes publishes albums of questionable taste. However, unreliable sources cast doubt on this particularly romantic identity. We would rather speak of an author from Quebec, a certain Éric Asselin, who once founded the fanzine “Tabasko!”, co-founded the publishing house Mécanique Générale and would have published more than 13 albums, including some at Éditions La Pastèque and at Glénat. He’s been described as having the the gift of surprising by Le Soleil (Nicolas Houle) in 2010, stating it’s «whether by the diversity of his proposals or by his formal and narrative discoveries». However, DNA tests are not still not conclusive.

Poulin | Music | Montréal

Alone or accompanied, the Saguenay native Poulin lives in the music scene with an assumed feminine rock and a vehemence which deploys through performances devoid of complexities. Montrealer for five years now, she leaves behind the comfort of a tidy life to abandon herself to her fate, and create the music that is always inhabited within. To elevate the quality of her arrangements up a notch, she surrounds herself with Etienne Dupré (Mondouxsaigneur, Klô Pelgag) and Thomas Sauvé-Lafrance (Urban Science, Ilam). Together, they produce pieces that link with the same musical synergy as found on stage. Since their first show in August 2015, the Poulin entity has seeped into bars and concert halls, leaving behind a lasting imprint in the minds of bewitched spectators. The Granby International Song Festival and the Ma première Place des arts competition, as well as Les Francouvertes, have recognized the artist’s raw talent; who, by force of discipline, is now more ready than ever to share her music. (Photo : Andy Jon)

Jenny Cartwright | Documentaire | Montréal

Since 2001, Jenny Cartwright has collaborated in the production of documentaries in Montreal and across the globe. She brought back visions of the world which she distills in sensual and scouring works. Somewhat by accident, she made her first film in 2014. Since then, she has held the task of creating the script, directing, production, editing and distribution of her films. Her years of fighting in the cultural and social spheres taught her to do a lot on tight budgets, which allowed her to tour independently, and to keep intact a punk spirit and a critical view of society. If she constantly wonders about how to tell, going from a classic form to an experimental film and from installation to sound creation, her practice remains resolutely documentary. Whatever tools at her disposal – pencil, recorder, camera – it is the real that she tells and questions.

Alexandra ‘Spicey’ Landé | Dance | Montréal

Alexandra ‘Spicey’ Landé is a Montreal choreographer, dancer, and instructor with more than 20 years experience, 10 of which were devoted to choreography. A major player on the Québec hip-hop dance scene, her passion for the art form was born in the 80’s when she was but a girl. The renowned Bust A Move Festival (2005-2015) was founded and created by Alexandra—a grand event in urban/street dance in Canada. At its close in 2015, she founded Ebnfloh Dance Company, whose mission continues to be to create, produce, and showcase inspired, authentic, and ground-breaking works, and to promote original choreographic language that is essentially rooted in Hip-Hop. The symbiotic relationship between both the language of her work, and her very creations constitute the essence of her artistic signature.

Philémon Cimon | Music | Saint-Joseph-de-la-Rive

We first met Philémon Cimon eight years ago, when he was offering the delicate and melancholic Cuban Sessions. After that, he got musically wrapped up in 2 masterly albums, L’été and Les femmes comme des montagnes. Cimon made a big turn last spring with Pays. A fourth album that sounds like a homecoming of sorts, and which led him back to  the Charlevoix of his childhood; like a visceral journey that allowed him to name himself.

Andréane Frenette-Vallières | Poetry | Montréal

Andréane Frenette-Vallières is the author of two collections of poetry published by Éditions du Noroît: Sestrales et Juillet, le Nord (Félix-Leclerc Prize). After working and living in the Côte-Nord region, she completed a master’s degree in literary studies at the University of Quebec in Montreal in 2018. Andréane has published texts in various journals including Estuaire et Littoral, participated in readings in Quebec and in France and at various writing residences. She currently works in publishing and gives writing workshops.


In addition to our program of supported artistic residencies, we are enthusiastic to receive artists visiting Gaspésie or who wish to visit Salon58 solo or in group. Each project being unique, the conditions and costs will be discussed individually, according to our resources and the availability of space. Write to us at with a brief description of your project, the dates and your needs.


Priscilla Guy – Artistic Co-Director of Salon58

Priscilla Guy is a performer, choreographer, filmmaker, curator and researcher in the arts. She is interested in different artistic practices, with an anchor for dance. She founded Mandoline Hybride in 2007, under which she presents her stage creations, in situ performances and choreographic short films locally and internationally. The choreographic work around the gesture and the relationship to everyday life are at the heart of her creations, which are resolutely collaborative. Politics emerges behind all her projects, whether in the way of producing works or in the themes it addresses. /

Benoit Paradis – Artistic Co-Director of Salon58

Trained in classical trombone, Benoit Paradis is a hands-on artist: in addition to acting as a musician for many Quebec artists (including Avec pas d’casque, Bernard Adamus, Olivier Bélisle, among others), he composes musical pieces for short films and stage performances. Comedian and acrobat in his spare time, his time is mainly occupied with the project that bears his name, the Benoit Paradis Trio, for which he acts as singer-songwriter, arranger and director, photographer and videographer! /


Mandoline Hybride would like to thank its local partners for the development of its Gaspesian projects, in particular the Marsoui municipality, Comité de développement de Marsoui (CDM), Comité des Loisirs de Marsoui, Café du Parc, microbrewery Le Malbord, La Pointe Sec, Télé-Québec’s La Fabrique Culturelle and our neighbor Jean-Paul.

These projects are made possible thanks to the financial support of the Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec and the CLD Haute-Gaspésie.


Each artistic residency closes with an evening open to the public on Saturday evening. Come and meet the artists of our 2019 program!

February 23: Vincent Robitaille (visual arts – ÎLE D’ORLÉANS) + Olivier Bélisle (music – EASTMAN)
May 18: Marjolaine Beauchamp (writing and performance, GATINEAU) + Guillaume Arsenault (music, CAP-AU-RENARD)
June 15: Henri Pardo (cinema, MONTREAL) + Laurence-Anne (music, MONTRÉAL)
October 26: Emilie Monnet (interdisciplinary theater and performance) & Kim-Sanh Châu (choreography and video), MONTREAL + guests
November 16: Théâtre Témoin (documentary theater, CAP-AU-RENARD) + guests
December 7: Anatoli Vlassav (dance and video, PARIS) + guests

Info and reservations:


Vincent Robitaille – arts visuels – ÎLE D’ORLÉANS

Photo © Emilie Dumais

Biography coming soon

Marjolaine Beauchamp – écriture et performance – GATINEAU
Marjolaine Beauchamp is an author and performer from Outaouais region. She published Aux Plexus (Éditions de l’Écrou), Fourrer le feu (Éditions de l’Écrou) and M.I.L.F. (Somme Toute Éditions). The theatre plays Taram (Théâtre du Trillium and La Chapelle Scènes Contemporaines) and M.I.L.F. (Nouvelle Scène Gilles-Desjardins and Festival Jamais lu), for which she writes and plays, are produced by Théâtre du Trillium for which she is an associate author. From 2011 to 2013, she opens for Richard Desjardins’ l’Existoire show in many Quebec cities. Gender relations, processes involving alterations and modifications of literary or visual works, new writing and cultural mediation are at the center of her interests. She received the CALQ Award – Work of the Year and also the CALQ – Creator of the Year Award in December 2018 for M.I.L.F. Photo © Ludovic Potvin-Gingras.

Henri Pardo – cinéma – MONTRÉAL
Born in New Brunswick of Haitian parents, Henri Pardo is a Quebecois filmmaker. Being socially active was always an integral part of his personality. After 25 years of work in the TV, film and other broadcasting mediums, he has united all of his creative, producing, and distribution skills by founding Black Wealth Media, an Afrocentric film company.

Émilie Monnet – théâtre interdisciplinaire et performance – MONTRÉAL
Integrating theatre, performance art and technology, Émilie Monnet’s artistic practice explores themes of identity, memory, co-existence and transformation. Her creations draw on the symbolic of dreams and mythology—personal and collective—to tell stories that question today’s world. In 2016, Émilie founded Indigenous Contemporary Scene (ICS), a critical and artistic manifestation of live-arts by indigenous artists. A small version of ICS was organized in Buenos Aires in March 2017 and brought together indigenous artists from Quebec and Argentina. Émilie’s heritage is Anishnaabe and French, and she lives in Montreal. Her artistic engagement is inspired by years of social activism with indigenous organizations in Canada and Latin America as well as community art projects with incarcerated women and Aboriginal youth. Photo © Christian Blais.

Kim-Sanh Châu – chorégraphie et vidéo – MONTRÉAL
Kim-Sanh Châu is a Vietnamese-French contemporary dance artist, based in Montreal (Canada). Trained in dance at Paris 8 (France) and UQAM (Canada), she also holds a Master’s degree in finance (ACU/Australia, Aarhus University/Denmark et Harvard University/USA). Her choreographic work has been presented locally at l’Arsenal, Tangente, MAI, Accès Asie and Quartiers Danses festivals; as well as internationally at SIDance-HOTPOT, Sejong Festival (Korea), Europe Meets Asia in Contemporary Dance, Krossing Over Art Festival (Vietnam), Dancebox and RAW Art Space (Malaysia). Châu is also a screendance filmmaker. Her work, mostly collaborative, has been screened in Canada, Colombia, Germany, France, Italy and Vietnam. In 2017, she was awarded Best Direction 2017 by Festival Quartiers Danses for Inner Smoke. Finally, Châu is Artistic and General Co-director at Studio 303 (Canada). Photo © Kinga Michalska.

Théâtre Témoin – théâtre documentaire – CAP-AU-RENARD
Le Théâtre Témoin est une compagnie de création qui chasse le patrimoine vivant et les histoires qui se mangent crues. Sa démarche vise la démocratisation de l’espace théâtral, l’appropriation du territoire rural et l’exploration du patrimoine vivant. Adeptes du théâtre de brousse, ses créateurs usent d’inventivité technique et s’intéressent aux frontières entre l’espace publique et l’espace scénique. Entre le conte et la représentation, leurs spectacles savent se fondre dans le décor.

Anatoli Vlassov – danse et vidéo – PARIS (FRANCE)
Anatoli Vlassov is a choreographer, director, visual artist and researcher with a double Franco-Russian culture. In 2003, he set up his dance company IDCore and created choreographies with specific trades such as garbage collectors in France, blue collar workers in Canada and shoe polishers in Bolivia. For the past fifteen years, he has been composing shows and shooting films with people affected by autism. In 2012 he dances with a wireless endoscopic camera. In 2015, he wrote TENSER Manifesto published by Éditions Jannink, then developed a performative practice that he called PHONESIE, a combination of dance and speech. His shows, performances and films are programmed in international venues and festivals. Photo © Thomas Geffrier.


Salon58 is located at 58 Route de la Rivière (also called Route de la Colonie) in Marsoui, about 8-10 minutes from the village by car.

From Sainte-Anne-des-Monts, take the first street on your right when you arrive at the village, at the corner of La Couquerie restaurant. Then continue to the sawmill. At the end of the sawmill, keep left at the fork. The house is the last of the street, on the right.

WARNING: GoogleMaps will direct you to the sawmill if you enter the “58 route de la Rvière”. In fact, it takes another 6 minutes to get to Salon58.

Note that there is no cellular network at the Salon58, nor at the last minutes of the road (from the sawmill).


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