Under the artistic direction of Priscilla Guy, Salon58 focuses on artistic experimentation, multidisciplinarity and proximity to the public, promoting encounters on a human scale. The programming is built with particular attention to new voices, as well as a concern for intergenerational, interdisciplinary, cultural and regional representation. Salon58 offers funded artistic residencies, public intimate performances and affordable rental options.

At the time of celebrating its 2nd anniversary, Salon58 held an information session and a virtual tour, followed by a meeting with five artists who testified about their residency experience. The complete session is available as a catch-up on Vimeo if you wish to discover Salon58 or to deepen your knowledge of it.

Our spaces

Located 5 minutes from route 132 in the municipality of Marsoui, Salon58 is an airy multi-purpose space, bright and warm, in the hollow of the valley, bordered by the Marsoui river. The tranquility of the place, the proximity to nature and the various functions of the place make it a great residence space.

The house includes:

– 3 bedrooms with 5 beds
– 1 boudoir
– 1 workshop in the basement
– 1 large living room with wood stove, sofa, couch and piano (large enough for solo dance work)
– 1 fully equipped kitchen
– 1 dining room
– access to a projector and a screen
– High speed internet with unlimited download
– large quiet land between the mountains near the river

It is possible to get studio hours at the village Recreation Center (5min by car) for a larger dance space.

Note that there is no cellular network or landline at Salon58, but the quality wi-fi connection facilitates communications.

Priscilla Guy – artistic director and co-founder of Salon58

Priscilla Guy is a performer, choreographer, filmmaker, curator and researcher in the arts based in Marsoui, Gaspésie. She founded Mandoline Hybride in 2007, a company under which she presents her scenic creations, in situ performances and choreographic short films at local and international levels. Also at the origin of several projects headed by Mandoline Hybride (Regards Hybrides, FURIES – contemporary dance festival) and involved in international collective projects (8DAYS, Expanded Hybrids), she is interested in the strength of the group to propel political, aesthetic and social ideas. She currently sits on the Board of Directors of Studio303 and is pursuing doctoral studies at the University of Lille (France).


Founded in November 2018 by Benoit Paradis and Priscilla Guy, Salon58 welcomed more than 25 artists in residence from 2018 to 2020. At the end of these two busy and bright years, Benoit Paradis left the artistic co-direction of the project to focus on other challenges. From 2021, Priscilla Guy takes over the artistic direction of Salon58 by relying on numerous partnerships with organizations with diverse backgrounds. To discover Salon58 at its very beginnings, watch the Téléjournal ICI Radio-Canada report in November 2018.


Soirée Salon58 evening: Saturday April 9 at 7pm. Book now. SOLD OUT.

After the success of a first edition in 2021, artists Catherine Beau-Ferron, Emma Desgens and Priscilla Guy based in Haute-Gaspésie continue their reflection on the theme of rurality with a new feminist writing retreat at the chic Salon58! From April 1st to 10th 2022, they will lead this second edition along with five other guests: Soleil Launière, Karla Etienne, Emmanuelle Sirois, Élise Ross-Nadié and Valérie Lefebvre-Faucher.

Driven by complementary visions, the eight participants will be brought together to share their perspectives on feminist issues between rurality and urbanity through writing, drawing on their artistic, activist or academic backgrounds. The participants will share the fruits of their collective retreat through readings, performances and discussions in a warm and informal setting on April 9.


Soleil Launière / Multidisciplinary / Tiöhtià:ke (Montreal)

Pekuakamilnu originally from Mashteuiatsh, Soleil Launière lives and works in Tiöhtià: ke – Mooniyang (Montreal). Multidisciplinary artist and director combining performance art, movement, theater and voice, she interweaves the presence of the two-spiritual body and experimental audiovisual while being inspired by the cosmogony and the sacred spirit of animals from the Innu world. She expresses in actions a thought on silences and universal languages. Since 2008, Soleil has produced several performances, within the framework of indigenous and non-indigenous artistic gatherings and events inside or outside conventional distribution networks across the continents. Since July 2020, she has been at the head of the company she founded, Production AUEN. (Photo: Maxime Côté)

Karla Etienne / Dance / Tiöhtià:ke (Montreal)

Karla Etienne is an artist and cultural manager who has worked with Zab Maboungou/Compagnie Danse NyataNyata since 2003. The first graduate of the organization’s Programme de formation et d’entraînement artistique et professionnel en danse (PEFAPDA) and an accomplished dancer, Karla has been a part of Zab Maboungou’s major works, including the emblematic Mozongi, winner of the Grand Prix du Conseil des arts de Montréal in dance, particularly for “the amazing performance of its performers” in 2015. She has collaborated as a dancer in projects by George Stamos, Katya Montaignac, Sophie Corriveau and Priscilla Guy. Karla Etienne also has a degree in environment and cultural management and continues to contribute as a performer, mentor, advisor and new philanthropist to artists and arts organizations. She is the Executive Director of the Canadian Dance Association and guest curator of Mandoline Hybride. Her commitment is recognized today, notably for the renewal of cultural policies concerning equity in the field of art, on all levels of practice, management and dissemination with the institutions and organizations that are responsible, including the Conseil des arts de Montréal. In 2021, she received the NyataNyata Stellaire Award for service to the greater dance community. (Photo: Mathieu Gaudreault)

Emmanuelle Sirois / Multidisciplinary / Tiöhtià:ke (Montreal) + Lenapehoking (Brooklyn)

Montreal and Brooklyn based scholar Emmanuelle Sirois is an olfactory artist, a dramaturge, a curator, a PhD student and an activist. In residence at ESPACE GO, she is a member of the Research Centre in Public Ethics and Governance, at Saint Paul University, where she questions scandals in the arts under the supervision of Julie Paquette, a topic that she’s also investigating for her thesis under the supervision of Eve Lamoureux. She likes events where collective thinking is encouraged. (Photo: Emmanuelle Sirois)

Élise Ross-Nadié / Communication / Tiöhtià:ke (Montreal)

Élise Ross-Nadié loves looking into the relations and intersections between digital cultures, intimacy, power and sexuality. She is also interested in open source software, artificial intelligence and decolonizing knowledges. She had the privilege to travel in a little more than fifteen countries. These adventures led to the creation of a diverse set of artifacts : Wikipedia articles, a botanical identification guide for wild roses, quiches, annotated bibliographies, online courses, strong friendships, laughter, a soon to be published collective book between Canada and Cuba and numerous dancing sessions. Élise is an acrobat communicator. (Photo: Selena Phillips Boyle)

Valérie Lefebvre-Faucher / Writing and publishing / Tiöhtià:ke (Montreal)

Valérie Lefebvre-Faucher is an activist publisher, holder of a master’s degree in literary creation, who has collaborated with numerous collectives and journals. She co-edited the ecofeminist book Faire partie du monde (Remue-ménage, 2017) and published Procès verbal (Écosociété, 2019) and Promenade sur Marx (Remue-ménage, 2020). (Photo: Chloé Charbo)

Catherine Beau-Ferron / Pluridisciplinary / Gespe’gewa’gi (Gaspésie)

Catherine Beau-Ferron adopted Haute-Gaspésie a dozen years ago, where she now divides her time between rural life, motherhood, community, visual arts, illustration and writing. She has published several essays in collective works and political journals, notably on degrowth, feminism, rural life and anti-capitalist struggles. (Photo: Moïse Marcoux-Chabot)

Emma Desgens / Poetry and illustration / Gespe’gewa’gi (Gaspésie)

Emma Desgens is a poet, illustrator and a social worker involved in her community. Inspired by the intimate, the body as singular geography, she seeks to transcribe the dialogue between what lives in us and what surrounds us. Her creations, both literary and visual, echo the everyday and the ordinary, combining the fractures that forge people and the gentleness needed to repair them. (Photo : Matthieu Selsek)

Priscilla Guy / Multidisciplinary / Gespe’gewa’gi (Gaspésie)

Priscilla Guy is a performer, choreographer, filmmaker, curator and researcher in the arts based in Marsoui, Gaspésie. She founded Mandoline Hybride in 2007, a banner under which she presents her scenic creations, in situ performances and choreographic short films on a local and international scale. Also at the origin of several projects overseen by Mandoline Hybride (Regards Hybrides, Salon58, FURIES – contemporary dance festival) and involved in international collective projects (8DAYS, Expanded Hybrids), she is interested in the strength of the group to propel political, aesthetic and social ideas. She currently sits on the Board of Directors of Studio 303 and is pursuing doctoral studies at the University of Lille (France). (Photo : Priscilla Guy)

The collective made up of Canadian break champions Vicious, Fléau & Promo has won numerous international battles over the past ten years. They are pillars of the Canadian break scene, event organizers and youth trainers. They are actively involved in the discussions about the integration of break dancing in the next Olympic Games. The collective took advantage of its residency to train daily, to think about the next edition of its Skillz-O-Meter event and to exchange on the current state of the practice. As part of their residency, the members of Sweet technique also gave two break workshops to the general public on January 8 on Zoom. On the same day, a rap and text-writing workshop was also offered by Quebec rapper Sensei H, Gesgapegiag rapper Q052 and DJ Monsieur Nokturn from Gaspé. (Photo: Moïse Marcoux-Chabot)

The funded residencies aim to support artists in a turnkey formula including a professional creation fee, accommodation, transport and meals. These residencies totaling 10 days (including 2 days of transport and 1 day of preparation for the meeting with the public) are shared: two or three artists live in the house and occupy the workspaces. At the end of these residencies, the artists share their approach with the local population.

The program is put together thanks to curatorial work by the artistic direction of Salon58. Although spontaneous applications are accepted at all times, we do not launch a call for applications to select artists. To write to us: comm@mandolinehybride.com

A series of partnerships with various arts organizations now makes it possible to launch targeted calls for applications for certain artistic practices or groups of artists in particular – see the Calls for applications section.

As part of the partnerships that Salon58 is developing with various arts organizations, various calls allow artists to submit their applications. Eligibility and selection criteria are established by the partners.

Calls in progress

Check back later to see current calls

Completed calls

  • RCQ
  • MAI
  • La DSR
  • Recto-Verso

– Saturday, December 18: Ariane DesLions and Stéphane Maddix Albert
– Saturday, November 27 (3rd anniversary of Salon58): Camille Larivée and Jade Maya
– Saturday, October 30: Mak Murtic and Camila Forteza
– Saturday, 9 October: Marvin Serandrei and Clément Brochet
– Saturday, June 12: Little Fun Palace – Special event in collaboration with OFFTA and the Center de Création Diffusion de Gaspé
– Saturday, May 29: Natasha Kanapé Fontaine, Christine Bolduc and Vickie Grondin
– Saturday, May 8: Geneviève & Matthieu, Soroush Aram and Emile Pineault
– Saturday, April 10: Dana Michel, Vanessa Bell and Elena Stoodley
– Saturday, March 13: Feminist writing residency with Catherine Beau-Ferron, Emma Desgens and Priscilla Guy
– Saturday, February 13 (virtual meeting): Collective l’indiscipline
– Saturday, January 16 (virtual meeting): Chloë Lum & Yannick Desranleau and Karla Étienne

– Saturday, November 28: Frédéric Boivin and Kijâtai-Alexandra Veillette-Cheezo
– Saturday, 24 October: Philémon Cimon, Andréane Frenette-Vallières and Andrew Turner
– Saturday, 3 October: Jenny Cartwright, Alexandra “Spicey” Landé and Fontaine Leriche
– Saturday, September 12: Leif Tande and Poulin

– Saturday, 7 December: Anatoli Vlassov and Vander
– Saturday, November 16: Théâtre Témoin and Michel F Coté
– Saturday, 26 October: Émilie Monnet, Kim-Sanh Châu and Catherine Leduc
– Saturday, June 15: Laurence-Anne
– Saturday, May 18: Marjolaine Beauchamp and Guillaume Arsenault
– Saturday, February 23: Vincent Robitaille and Olivier Bélisle

– Saturday, November 24: Opening of Salon58 with the Benoit Paradis Trio

Chloë Lum & Yannick Desranleau / Visual arts and performance / Montreal

Chloë Lum and Yannick Desranleau are multidisciplinary visual artists working across photography, video, installation, sound, text, performance, and print. In their practice, they engage with the nature of collaboration, and relationships between bodies and inanimate objects. Recently, these subjects are examined through chronic illness as alterity. They are based in Tiohtiá:ke (Montréal) and have worked collaboratively since 2000. Their works have been exhibited internationally, and are included in the collection of the Victoria and Albert Museum, the Montreal Museum of Fine Art, and the Musée d’art contemporain de Montréal. (Photo : Edwin Isford)

Karla Étienne / Dance / Montreal

Karla Etienne is associate director and performer at Zab Maboungou / Compagnie Danse Nyata Nyata. She studied dance with several African and diaspora teachers and graduated from Nyata Nyata’s Professional and Artistic Dance Training Program (PEFAPDA). Karla participated as an emeritus dancer in Zab Maboungou’s major works (Mozongi, Lwáza, Montreal by Night, recreation of Mozongi). This last work was the Dance laureate of the Grand Prix of the Conseil des arts de Montréal, notably for “the astounding performance of its dancers” in 2015. Karla Etienne also works with independent artists including George Stamos, Katya Montaignac, Priscilla Guy and Sophie Corriveau. She also continues to contribute in the artistic and cultural milieu as a mentor, advisor, manager and philanthropist. Her commitment is recognized today, in particular for the renewal of policies concerning equity. (Photo : Mathieu Gaudreault)

Collectif l’indiscipline / Multidisciplinary Art / Haute-Gaspésie

The «collectif l’indiscipline» is at its core an intersectional, mutable, feminist anarcho-queer chosen family, bringing together five multidisciplinary artists living in so-called Gaspésie. The collective was created in 2018 following an urgent need to validate and put to the forefront our unique life experiences as rural queers. Throughout the years it has allowed us to take up space within the public sphere and simultaneously cultivate and celebrate the praxis of collective care. We strive to practice these values through the creation of inclusive social, artistic and uninstitutionalized spaces. (Photo : Collectif l’indiscipline)

Catherine Beau-Ferron / Feminist writing residency / Haute-Gaspésie

Born in Montreal, Catherine Beau-Ferron moved to the Gaspe Peninsula 10 years ago. After a degree in Visual Arts and Art History, and another one in Cultural Management, she left the city to dive into rural life, where she now consecrates herself to motherhood, community life, visual arts, illustration, writing… and growing potatoes, among other things. She published many essays in collective works (Remue-Menage, Écosociété) and political journals about degrowth, feminism, rural life and anti-capitalism. (Photo : Catherine Beau-Ferron)

Emma Desgens / Feminist writing residency / Haute-Gaspésie

Multidisciplinary artist, Emma Desgens finds inspiration with both feet in the cold water of Haute-Gaspésie. Her artistic practice is expressed mainly in the visual arts and illustration. Following her studies in the field of arts and cultural organization, she invests in collective, community and rural projects, leaving creation aside the time to devote herself to motherhood and rural life. Returning after a year of exploring the visual arts in the mountains of Auvergne, she is currently devoting a large part of her practice to poetic writing. Her universe is imbued with rurality, territories, salty air, feminism, motherhood, immense waves, birds, humans, friendships, the invisible and gentleness. (Photo : Matthieu Selsek)

Dana Michel / Dance and performance / Montreal

Dana Michel is a choreographer and live artist. Based in Montreal, she is an associate artist with Par B.L.eux, and counts three solo performance works to her repertoire, «Yellow Towel» (2013), «Mercurial George» (2016) and her last creation «CUTLASS SPRING» (2019). In 2014, she was awarded the newly created ImPulsTanz Award (Vienna) in recognition for outstanding artistic accomplishments, and was highlighted among notable female choreographers of the year by the New York Times. In 2017, she was awarded the Silver Lion for Innovation in Dance at the Venice Biennale. In 2018, she became the first ever dance artist in residence at the National Arts Centre, Canada. In 2019, she was awarded the ANTI Festival International Prize for Live Art. (Photo : Richmond Lam)

(Photo : Richmond Lam)

Vanessa Bell / Poetry / Québec

Active in the cultural world, Vanessa Bell is notably co-director of the Mois de la poésie, critic for the magazine Le Sabord, member of the editorial board at Lettres québécoises, president of the Table des lettres de Québec et Chaudière-Appalaches and collaborator at “C’est fou” radio show (Radio-Canada). Her practice in literary arts allows her to perform in Quebec, Europe and Scandinavia. In addition to the collection “De rivières”, she publishes in magazines and collectively, publishes an artist’s book and signs an exhibition catalog. She co-directs, with Catherine Cormier-Larose, “The Anthology of Current Poetry of Women in Quebec 2000-2020” to be published in February 2021 by Éditions du remue-ménage. (Photo : courtoisie Vanessa Bell)

Elena Stoodley / Music, sound and writing / Montreal

Elena Stoodley is a singer, author, songwriter and sound designer half of the time, the remaining being spent in community organizing. Born in Tio’tia:ke (Montreal), she often blends her passion for social justice and black liberation with her art practices. She studied Creative Writing and Electroacoustic music and performed her music internationally, including in Cameroon and in the Republic of Congo. She sometimes gives workshops or consults on topics of antioppressive work practices and intersectional inclusion. Her most recent sound design work was shown in the plays The Mountaintop, the Rootless tree, Manman LaMer, Black Out (nominated for outstanding sound design for the META’s – Montreal English Theatre Awards) and currently working on RISE, a virtual opera produced by Concordia University. (Photo: RFM Photography)

Geneviève & Matthieu / Music and performance / Rouyn-Noranda

The duo Geneviève and Matthieu, originally from Rouyn-Noranda in Abitibi-Témiscamingue, was created at the end of the 1990s. Their work is the result of a meeting between art, performance, music and everyday life. Playing on interdisciplinarity, from happening to musical composition and from performance to installation, this collective creates collective representations and staging of sometimes festive but always human social paintings. Since 2001, their discography includes five titles. Their works, which oscillate between baroque, abstract expressionism and “arte povera”, have been exhibited more than forty times in Quebec, across Canada, the United States, France and Belgium. Actively involved in their community, Geneviève and Matthieu have developed the center of artists “L’Ecart” and the Rouyn-Noranda Performative Art Biennial for more than 20 years. (Photo : Christian Leduc)

Emile Pineault / Contemporary dance and circus / Montreal

Emile Pineault is a choreographer, dancer and acrobat. His rigorous practice focuses on acrobatics from a somatic and conceptual point of view. Intimacy and desires are translated into movement, expressed through repetition, contortions, waving, and impulsion. He challenges the notion of virtuosity, promoting the creation of a queer space. His tactile approach to movement, sound and scenic devices questions the power relations at play between our different senses, opening up the realm of perceptions. He created “Normal Desires” (2018), “Glorious Forms” (Emile Pineault and Olavi Louhivuori, 2019), “More-than-Things” (2020), “Hard Waves” (Emile Pineault and John Simon Wiborn, 2021). His work was shown at OFFTA (CAN), La Chapelle Scènes Contemporaines (CAN), New Baltic Dance (LT), CCOV (CAN), Silence Festival (FI), Parcours Danse Biennale (CAN), CirkusMania (SE), fabrik Potsdam / Made in Potsdam (DE). Emile is currently supported as an artist in delegate production by LA SERRE – arts vivants.  (Photo : Cooper Lee Smith)

Soroush Aram / Visual arts and performance / Montréal
Residency offered in partnership with MAI – Montréal, arts interculturels

Soroush Aram is an Iranian multidisciplinary visual artist working in Montreal. After completing a course in Fine Arts at the University of Tehran in 2002, Soroush developed a particular aesthetic that interweaves drawing and performative art and juggles between images of the past and dreams of the future. His practice has been presented and recognized in Iran since 2010. Today, Soroush’s artistic career takes place mainly in Canada where he gradually integrates the different spheres of contemporary Quebec art, by participating in exhibitions, residencies, workshops and various programs (DAM; Montréal en Arts; SKOL; MAI – Montréal arts interculturels). (Photo : Bruce Tronole)

Natasha Kanapé Fontaine/ Poetry / Nitassinan + Tio’ta:ke (Côte-Nord + Montreal)

Natasha Kanapé Fontaine is a poet, multidisciplinary artist and indigenous rights activist. Innushkueu, native of Pessamit on the Côte-Nord region, she published her first collection of poetry in 2012, “Do not enter my soul with your shoes”, by Éditions Mémoire d’encrier. She works in radio, television, music, theater, contemporary art and literature in Canada. Her speeches from the pan-Canadian First Nations movement “Idle No More” and social struggles over the years have made her an essential voice in Quebec. Her objectives: to bring people and cultures together through books, arts, culture and the thought of decolonization. She is the author of books hailed by critics: “Manifeste Assi”, “Bleuets et Abricots”, “Nanimissuat – Île-tonnerre” (Mémoire d’encrier), “Kuei je vous salue: conversation sur le racisme” (Écosociété), as well as numerous publications in various collectives and magazines. In 2017, she won the Rights and Freedoms Prize awarded by the Commission des droits de la personne et de la jeunesse du Québec for her poetry and social involvement. (Photo : Julie Artacho)

Christine Bolduc / Storytelling and music / Sherbrooke
Residency offered in partnership with Regroupement du conte au Québec

Christine’s work is both multidisciplinary and undisciplined from music to literature both oral and written, and everything in between. Through her work she speaks with conviction, audacity and sometimes even impertinence. Her heroes, or anti-heroes, are poets of life, wearing their emotions on their sleeves and rage in their core. Whether she is tragic or comedic, resistant or resilient, she revolts against banality and conformity. Christine was a finalist for the “prix relève du Conseil de la Culture de l’Estrie” (Up-and-coming artist prize for the Eastern township’s Arts council), received numerous grants from both the Canada and Quebec Arts councils, won runner up for children’s literature with Lurelu, “poète en lice au Prix de poésie Radio-Canada 2020” (Radio Canada poetry contest). She has had her voice heard with contemplative pleasure around the world from Quebec, Nova Scotia, France and Burkina Faso. (Photo : Richard Bernardin)

Vickie Grondin / Dance and poetry / Île Sainte-Marie, Carignan
Residency offered in partnership with La danse sur les routes du Québec

Vickie explores an intimate approach through the body, while herself being one of her research subjects. Her projects are built from intuitive and introspective calls using poetry (bodily, written, visual and relational) as a communicative channel. The body is at the center of her essays, constantly questioning its relationship to the territory. Through a quest for a balance of natural entities, she draws on ecofeminism. Driven by a desire for the total emancipation of women and the environment, she works to expand their space of expressiveness. Always in motion, the landscapes encountered leave traces in her geo-poetic works marked by kindness. (Photo : Carl Beauchemin)

Camila Forteza / Multidisciplinary / Quebec
Residence offered in partnership with Recto-Verso

Camila Forteza is an actress graduated from the UQAM Superior Theater School (2017), director, author and photographer. Her artistic impulse leads her towards creation and is nourished by the meeting with other artists and disciplines. Among other things, she directed the adaptation of the novel Les Sangs d’Audrée Whilelmy, collaborated as assistant director, actress and photographer in Valparaiso by the company Singulier Pluriel and produced her first photographic exhibition Journal Argentique (Café Velours, Montreal 2019). Recently, her poem Volcan, inspired by the feminist movement in Latin America and the wave of denunciations of sexual assault in Quebec, was the subject of a video-poem directed by Edson Niebla Rogil. (Photo: Juan Maldonado)

Mak Murtić / Music / Zagreb (Croatia)
Residence offered in partnership with Tour de Bras

Mak Murtic is a Croatian saxophonist and composer, known for leading Mimika Orchestra, a large ensemble performing progressive folk-inspired jazz. He has worked with various ensembles, theatre companies, bands and orchestras (Septet Ad Libitum, Grand Union Orchestra, Croatian Radio Television Jazz Orchestra, Porto Morto, Clapham Community Choir and others). (Photo: Doringo Photography)

Camille Larivée / Curator / Tiohtià:ke (Montreal)

Camille Larivée is a street artist, independent curator, writer, and cultural worker based in Tiohtià:ke/ Montréal. Camille holds a Bachelor’s degree in Art History and a Certificate in Feminist Studies from the University of Quebec in Montreal (UQAM). Their curatorial practice revolves around the invisibility of BIPOC and 2SLGBTQQIA+ artists and muralists in urban public spaces. Camille’s last projects include the curation of the project “We are not made of bricks and dust” for the Réseau Accès Culture Montreal, as well as a research residency at Artexte as part of the “Wikipedia Art+Feminism” initiative. They are the Director of Programming for the Indigenous Curatorial Collective / Collectif des Commissaires Autochtones (IC/CA). (Photo : Jessica Sabogal)

Jade Maya / Dance / Montreal
Residency offered in partnership with Nyata Nyata

From the age of 15, during a striking encounter with Rosangela Silvestre, Jade Maya developed a passion for Brazilian dances from the contemporary African and Afro diaspora. Since then, she travels regularly to Brazil to train with her mentors, while learning more about the history, social, political and spiritual context of Brazilian culture. In 2018, she began the PEFAPDA (artistic and professional training and training program in dance) with Nyata Nyata, where she learned from Zab Maboungou the technique and art of movement of LOKETO. Since 2016, Jade has founded AIATA Movement, an organization that opens up safe spaces to express oneself through dance and reclaim one’s body. Her warm and sensitive approach will lead her to guide many workshops across Quebec, as well as in Mexico and the United States.  (Photo : Jonathan Gaudreau)

Ariane DesLions / Youth theater and music / Sherbrooke

“Fabricoleuse”, writer, composer, multi-instrumentalist, singer and social worker by trade, Ariane DesLions propels the character of the “fabricoleuse” into the life of her young audience, and is quickly standing out in the Francophone youth cultural landscape with over 150 performances given per year, and with her multi-award winning shows, albums and children’s books. Through a playful and orchestral sound coloring, the multi-instrumentalist offers to children and their parents words on family and social realities rarely addressed in children’s songs: separation, immigration, mental health, poverty, etc. The originality of her unique musical instruments, made from recycled materials, and the innovative character or her musico-social pedagogy led her to many prizes and distinctions in the music industry, such as a recent nomination at ADISQ (album of the year – youth 2020), and Prix Excellence Culture (2019). She also coordinates several cultural mediation projects that bring together school, cultural, and communal environments (Quebec, Ontario, Saskatchewan, France, Peru). (Photo: Jocelyn Riendeau)

Stéphane Maddix Albert / Storytelling / Haute-Gaspésie

Story harvester of the Gaspe Coast and beyond, Maddix explores traditional Acadian Tales of Yonder, revisited with quirky twists and turns that bubble the brains of both young and old. Tales like the ones where carrots take over the world, crabs sing and dance perched on a tree, and sorcerers engage with genies in a battle of wit. (Photo : Marie-Anne Dubé)

In addition to our program of supported artistic residencies, we are enthusiastic to receive artists visiting Gaspésie or who wish to visit Salon58 solo or in group. Each project being unique, the conditions and costs will be discussed individually, according to our resources and the availability of space. Write to us at comm@mandolinehybride.com with a brief description of your project, the dates and your needs.

Each year, the audience of Salon58 is called upon to vote for the Public’s choice recognition among the artists of the program. This mention is accompanied by a grant of $ 500.00 awarded by Salon58.

2021 (fall) : Stéphane Maddix Albert / Storytelling / Haute-Gaspésie
2021 (spring) : Natasha Kanapé Fontaine / Poetry / Nitassinan + Tio’ta:ke
2020: Andrew Turner / Dance / Montreal
2019: Marjolaine Beauchamp / Poetry / Gatineau

58 route de la rivière
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Getting to Salon58

Salon58 is located at 58 Route de la Rivière (also called Route de la Colonie) in Marsoui, about 8-10 minutes from the village by car.

From Sainte-Anne-des-Monts, take the first street on your right when you arrive at the village, at the corner of La Couquerie restaurant. Then continue to the sawmill. At the end of the sawmill, keep left at the fork. The house is the last of the street, on the right.

Note that there is no cellular network at the Salon58, nor at the last minutes of the road (from the sawmill).

Design: Étienne Després


The funded residencies at Salon58 are made possible thanks to the financial support of the Government of Quebec as well as the CLD and the MRC of La Haute-Gaspésie within the framework of the “Entente en développement culturel” program.