New screendance series online

International collaboration : screendance in Oaxaca (Mexico)

From August 17 to 31, Mandoline Hybride is pleased to present a new series of short cine-choreographic explorations from an international residency conducted at the Centro de las Artes de San Agustín (CaSA), in Oaxaca, Mexico.

Six artists from Canada, France, Mexico and Argentina gathered in July 2018 for the Expanded Hybrids residency produced by Agite y Sirva festival : Camille Auburtin (France), Ladys Gonzales (Argentina), Ximena Monroy ( Mexico), Paulina Ruiz Carballidos (France-Mexico), Emilie Morin (Canada) and Priscilla Guy (Canada).

Together, they became interested in the forms that collective creation can take, as well as in the strength of the group to support and fuel their individual creation. Multiple feminist issues guided their experiments, while the distinct socio-political contexts in which they work were questioned and compared. The series of video clips presented here gives an overview of their explorations. These are essays, spontaneous experiments and collaborative games that allowed the artists to test the power dynamics at the heart of a creation group, as well as the tensions that exist between the bodies filmed and cameras.

Did you miss the August 19 virtual chat with the artists of Expanded Hybrids? Here it is available for catch-up!

“Brujas”: the method of the exquisite corpse as a technique of spontaneous assembly

Like an exquisite corpse, the chronology of the filmed shots is generated by the passage of the camera from one artist to another. Without knowing exactly what the previous person filmed, the next person chooses a framing, camera movement and duration for their shot. In an accumulation of shots, the montage takes shape in a random and collective way. A strategy path to de-prioritize the assembly stage and democratize decision-making.

“Mujeres Venado” : a creation of Collectivo Venado

Based on an original idea by Paulina Ruiz Carballido, the collective spontaneously created for the occasion helps to realize its vision in a collaborative logic. The “deer women” walk, dance with the wind, and perform strange rituals in an attempt to achieve a form of symbiosis.

“Self-portraits” : solo explorations

For a week, the artists devoted part of each day to solo creative work. The goal was to complete the short video before the end of the week. Each was both in front of and behind the camera, responsible for editing and sound choices, working independently. By sharing their explorations as they went, they let their voices and visions influence each other. Although they are carried out in a solo approach by each artist, these short explorations are also the fruit of a collective gaze.