An unusual choreographic proposition, Peau uses screens, video projections and live editing effects. Four performers propose a continuous mutation of their image. It’s not a question of magnifying or destroying the image, but of mobilizing technology and textiles to create a constant metamorphosis. All these “skins” collide, giving us a sense of what the epidermis absorbs from contact with a daily bombardment of images. In contrast to an often cold and geometric digital universe, technology here is a means of returning to the self and to touch, an incursion that is as close as possible to the skin, or perhaps even… beneath it.


Choreography Priscilla Guy & Emilie Morin

Original idea Priscilla Guy, Emilie Morin and Elizabeth Millar

Performers and choreographic collaborators Priscilla Guy, Claudia Chan Tak, Harmonie Fortin-Léveillé and Marie Claire Forté

Sound creation Elizabeth Millar

Set design Julie Vallée-Léger

Sound dramaturgy and technical devices Michel F Côté

Artistic advisor Marie Claire Forté

Lighting design Jon Cleveland

Technical direction and stage management Samuel Thériault

Coproduction Agora de la danse

Delegated production Mandoline Hybride


CCOV, Montreal, Canada (2020)
Salon58, Marsoui, Canada (2021)
Brigittines, Brussels, Belgium (2021)
Vaste et Vague, Carleton-sur-mer, Canada (2022)
L’Animal a l’Esquena, Girona, Spain (2022)
Vaste et Vague, Carleton-sur-mer, Canada (2023)
Agora de la danse, Montreal, Canada (2023)

Premiered at Agora de la danse, Montreal, Canada, November 22-25, 2023.