Marsoui, March 23, 2021 – Mandoline Hybride announces the creation of a new position within its team : artist-curator, operating on a term of three-years. The first person to occupy this position is the dancer and cultural manager Karla Étienne, an associate of the company for many years.


In collaboration with the artistic director and founder of the organization Priscilla Guy, Karla Étienne is responsible for injecting her values and her vision into the various spheres of the company and in turn, will benefit from administrative, logistical, promotional and financial support. The position is divided into two complementary components:

  1. ARTIST – development of a personal project supported by Mandoline Hybride, the nature of which is determined by the artist-curator (personal artistic research, organization of a unifying event, production of a publication or of a piece, etc.)

  2. CURATOR – contribution to the organization’s regular activities, namely the programming of Salon58, FURIES – contemporary dance festival and the RIRH biennial – Rencontres Internationales Regards Hybrides.

Photo: Mathieu Gaudreault

This is to make Mandoline Hybride’s resources available to the artist-curator and to ensure that this person can also influence the orientations of the organization and the composition of its programming during the period in question. In a spirit of exchange and sharing, it is also about opening the company’s doors to new artists, and benefiting from the artist-curator’s network by forging links with different communities. In the form of a lumpsum contract, this position runs from January 2021 to December 2023, with a fixed salary for a predetermined number of hours. The artist-curator also benefits from a production budget to support their personal project, as well as an annual creation residency at Salon58.


For several years now, Mandoline Hybride has adopted a shared curatorial spirit to ensure the presence of multiple voices within its activities. Influenced by contrasting visions, The RIRH biennial has been taking place since 2017 with curatorial teams from different countries (Mexico, United Kingdom, United States, Canada). Since 2019, Priscilla Guy has shared the artistic direction of FURIES – contemporary dance festival, with choreographer Sébastien Provencher.

The 2019 and 2020 seasons of residencies at Salon58 were jointly conducted with the author, composer and performer Benoit Paradis, while the 2021 season was elaborated with many calls for applications from numerous partners. With the creation of this new position, the general and artistic director of Mandoline Hybride reaffirms her willingness to think and act with others, and to express multiple realities which fall in line with the ethical commitments of the company.

It is therefore with great joy that Mandoline Hybride welcomes Karla Étienne to its team. Her strength of character, her humor and fine knowledge of the professional dance community in Quebec are all qualities that resonate with the aims of the company. Welcome Karla!


Artist and cultural manager, Karla Etienne has worked with Zab Maboungou / Nyata Nyata Dance Company since 2003. She is the first graduate of their Artistic and Professional Dance Training Program (PEFAPDA) and is an accomplished dancer. Karla was part of major works by Zab Maboungou, including the iconic Mozongi, winner of the Grand Prix of the Conseil des arts de Montréal for dance in 2015, a prize that celebrated, “the astonishing performance of its performers”.

A distinguished graduate in management of cultural organizations and environmental studies, Karla Etienne continues her contribution as a performer, mentor, advisor, and most recently, as a philanthropist to artists and artistic organizations. Today, her commitment is notably recognized for the reformation of cultural policies concerning equity in the arts; in all institutions and organizations, at all levels of practice, management and programming, including among others, the Conseil des arts de Montréal. In 2021, she received the Nyata Nyata Stellar Prize for her service to the greater dance community.

Photo: Omer Yukseker


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