Support Salon58 for its 2nd anniversary

Photo: René Faulkner

Salon58 is launching a 7-day express donation campaign that will end on December 15 at noon sharp! 

The Salon58 team worked hard to preserve both its support for artists and its cultural offering in Marsoui during the pandemic. Although we were able to resume our activities this fall, the drastic reduction of our attendance capacity and the expenses related to new public health measures have greatly tested our budget balance.

However, so that its activities remain accessible to the whole community, Salon58 continues to offer professional artistic performances without imposing a fixed price of admission: each member of the public determines the amount of their contribution.

While we have just celebrated the two years of our small cultural space, we take the opportunity to ask for your generosity to ensure the sustainability and accessibility of our activities. We invite you to make a donation in the amount of your choice via Interac transfer (debit), PayPal (credit cards) or by mailing a check addressed to Mandoline Hybride. There is no minimum amount; every donation counts!

  • Make an Interac transfer to via your banking portal

  • Send a check to Mandoline Hybride at 58 route de la Rivière, Marsoui QC G0E 1S0

Salon58’s 2nd anniversary donation campaign will end on December 15, 2020 at noon. For each donation, you will receive a personalized card and a mention in our next newsletter.

We salute in advance your great generosity, dear Salon58 community, whether you are in Haute-Gaspésie or elsewhere in Quebec, Canada or abroad. Long live the performing arts in rural areas!

Photos: René Faulkner