Mandoline Hybride celebrates 15 years of creation, diffusion and innovation in contemporary art!

This fall, Mandoline Hybride celebrates its 15th anniversary! From multidisciplinary creation to rural diffusion – including a specialized service offering, a residence nestled among the mountains and the opening of a café & bookstore shared workspace – the company has also toured Canada and internationally with amazing shows and collective projects.

Until December 15th, we are holding a fundraising campaign to celebrate our accomplishments and project ourselves into a new era! Through the testimonies of 15 people-ambassadors from the different eras of the company, we offer you a touching and sometimes funny incursion into the collective memory of Mandoline Hybride. Our souvenir video also allow you to dive into the plurality of ideas that have nourished our audacious approach.

Revisit the impressive journey of our organization and make a donation to contribute to the sustainability of Mandoline Hybride’s many initiatives! As part of our fundraising campaign, we held the 2nd edition of our festive Donors’ Bingo on Zoom on December 5th. Thank you to everyone who participated, it was a pleasure to see you and to give you all these beautiful prizes offered by our partners!

Thank you for your support and we look forward to sharing many more years of creation with you!

– The whole Mandoline Hybride team

For our 15th anniversary

Mandoline Hybride in short :

  • more than fifteen stage creations, in situ or cinematographic works that have circulated internationally;
  • Regards Hybrides to support the development of cinédanse;
  • Salon58 in Marsoui with its offer of supported residencies and intimate performances;
  • FURIES — contemporary dance festival in Marsoui where dance takes place in unlikely spaces;
  • L’Hybride — café & bookstore  in Marsoui, a multifunctional space for work, socializing and literary discovery;
  • and of course a host of stimulating local and international collaborations.

The 15 years of OFFTA / LA SERRE — arts vivants

A nod to our friends at OFFTA / LA SERRE — arts vivants who are also celebrating their 15th anniversary this fall. This symbolic milestone for Mandoline Hybride and other atypical organizations reminds us that unclassifiable initiatives can be maintained over time and that audacity can survive the decades! Congratulations to the entire team of LA SERRE for this tour de force, whose value we know!

Donors’ Bingo Partners

Thank you to our generous community for playing the ABACUS FEVER game at the 15th Anniversary Bingo on December 5th!

A huge thank you to our partners who donated the prizes for the bingo: Danse Danse, Exploramer, festival OFFTA, Atkins et frères – produits fins, Centre de Création Diffusion de Gaspé, Boutique Commun’Art de Marsoui, la Maison de la culture de Sainte-Anne-des-Monts, FTA – Festival TransAmériques, Revue LIBERTÉ, Théâtre À tour de rôle, L’Hybride – café & librairie, La Chapelle Scènes Contemporaines, Microbrasserie Le Malbord, Tangente Danse, La Rotonde, L’Euguélionne librairie féministe, l’Agora de la danse, le Festival des Arts de Saint-Sauveur, la céramiste Nathalie Dumouchel, Librairie l’encre noir, Nature en vue (Eric Deschamps Photographie), RUBBERBAND, MAI – Montréal arts interculturels, Stéphane Maddix Albert, Kama La Mackerel, Philémon Cimon, l’Auberge Festive Sea Shack, Mont-Café, Circuit-Est centre chorégraphique et FURIES – festival de danse contemporaine!

History and achievements of Mandoline Hybride

From its foundation, Mandoline Hybride wanted to be protean: its action was already imagined through a multitude of axes and actions. Although in 2007, the Mandoline Hybride company was mainly dedicated to support the works of its founder and artistic director, Priscilla Guy, very quickly, the project became a collective lever. We think in particular of an initiative of a calendar of the new Montreal artists, printed annually, with a print run of several hundred copies and featuring artists at the beginning of their career. The collaborative nature of Priscilla Guy’s work also points to a desire to think and create together.

The launch of Regards Hybrides in 2012 also helped establish Mandoline Hybride’s community service mandate in the specialized niche of screendance. Then, from 2017 to 2019, Mandoline Hybride opened a production support component for independent artists (Danza Descalza, Sébastien Provencher, Catherine Lafleur, Chloé Bourdages-Roy). In 2018, the inauguration of Salon58, followed by the creation of FURIES – contemporary dance festival in Marsoui, further affirmed the organization’s mandate to support creation and broadcasting. In 2022, the opening of L’Hybride – café & bookstore consolidates Mandoline Hybride’s desire to have a presence on the street and to bring together artists, the local community and tourists in a warm space where artistic discovery continues, particularly through literature.

As it celebrates its 15th anniversary, Mandoline Hybride can rely on these different components which, while serving diverse communities, demonstrate the coherence behind the organization’s choices so that all its initiatives are nourished!

Beyond these multiple activities, Mandoline Hybride also plays a leading role in the artistic milieu in terms of its ethical commitments (ecological, feminist, decolonial) and the tools that the organization puts in place in order to promote a profound and sustainable transformation of its practices. Among the many initiatives is an Eco-Responsibility Policy adopted in 2020 by the organization’s Board of Directors – one of the few, in the professional dance milieu – as well as an ever-evolving toolkit to foster self-education of non-Indigenous communities about the realities, culture, languages and challenges of Indigenous communities.

Research, creation and production of artistic projects by Priscilla Guy

Mandoline Hybride’s eclectic repertoire has circulated extensively in Canada and internationally, whether on screen, on stage or in unusual spaces where dance always finds its place!

Performances and creation in situ /
Slinky (2008)
Après la faim (fin) (2011)
Les Installations Mouvantes (2010)
Singeries (2016)
Deux squelettes (2019)
Peau [in progress] (2023)

Short films /
Stop Me If I Run (2010)
Sous les glaces; toi (2011)
La terre tremble (2014)
Corridors (2014)
J’ai rencontré Rocio (2015)
Singeries (2015)
Les Parleuses (2016)
Hiatus (2017)
Patinage [in progress] (2023)

Broadcast, service offer, residence and gathering places

What drives Mandoline Hybride’s dissemination projects and services is the idea of inscribing art into everyday life, whether it be by presenting works in spaces that are familiar to us, by offering funded residencies in a context that is different from institutional spaces, or by integrating art into other spheres of our lives, such as screens. This vision translates into projects that are certainly fragmented, but that are linked by a strong desire to create bridges between different milieus, whether they be artistic, community or academic. If dance always finds a particular place in our projects (on screen, in the public space, in dialogue with other disciplines or in literary form), we are committed to developing choreographic art in interaction with other arts, other visions and other networks. Thus, this thread is maintained in all our projects, from writing to audiovisual forms, through the more traditional or amateur dances!

Since 2021, the introduction of the position of guest artist-curator, currently held by Karla Étienne, has allowed us to breathe new life into the organization, through an intervention in all of its broadcasting projects. This collaborative curatorial work echoes Priscilla Guy’s artistic approach, in a relationship of creation with others. Thus, we foresee the coming years under the sign of the collective gesture, at all levels of our organization!

Regards Hybrides – for the articulation and development of screendance
Founded in 2012 by Priscilla Guy and Claudia Hébert, the project aims to promote the articulation, development and outreach of practices and discourses at the border of dance and cinema. With its web platform, its international biennial and its services for artists and presenters, Regards Hybrides is the only project of its kind in Canada. In 2023, Regards Hybrides will launch its brand new Canadian Dance Film Collection, featuring 60 works from the 1950s to today, as well as a host of complementary content (video interviews, podcasts, essays, archives).

Salon58 – small cultural space and residency venue
Established in 2018 by Priscilla Guy and Benoît Paradis in Marsoui, Gaspésie, Salon58 is dedicated to hosting artists-in-residence and intimate concert programming. Focusing on artistic experimentation and proximity to the public, the project encourages encounters on a human scale in rural and remote areas. Since its foundation, Salon58 has hosted over 90 artists in residence!

FURIES – contemporary dance festival
Under the artistic direction of Priscilla Guy and Sébastien Provencher, FURIES is a contemporary dance festival based in Marsoui (Gaspésie) since 2019 that brings forward impactful choreographic forms in the everyday landscape. With its 4th edition scheduled for the summer of 2023, FURIES is already a must-attend event for the circulation of current and daring works on the territory.

L’Hybride – café & bookstore
Launched in September 2022, L’Hybride is a multifunctional space based in Marsoui, open Tuesday to Friday from 9am to 3pm, as well as Saturdays from 11am to 4pm! Part co-working space, part café, part bookstore and part social space, L’Hybride hopes to rally telecommuters, tourists, afternoon dreamers and regulars around its friendly offerings.

Media relations : Clotilde Dyotte-Gabelier